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Laminate from 2nd Street Floors

Laminate flooring is the result of the fusion of four different layers of material into one versatile, durable flooring product. It can be manufactured into any size and shape, often made to beautifully mimic traditional hardwood planks or stone tiles.

Make a statement with wood laminate and tile-and-stone laminate styles from Shaw Floors, available here in our showroom. For more information about the styles and brands we carry, stop by and chat with one of our experts! You can also give us a call or reach out online. We look forward to working with you.

Inspiration Gallery

Get inspired to use laminate in your own home design!

Laminate flooring | Second Street Floors
Kids room flooring | Second Street Floors
Laminate flooring | Second Street Floors
Mohawk laminate flooring | Second Street Floors
Blue sofa on Laminate floor | Second Street Floors
Laminate flooring | Second Street Floors
About Laminate

The layers of laminate flooring

Laminate is generally made up of a combination of wood-based materials, typically configured into the following four layers:

  1. A bottom, backing layer that balances the plank or tile and keeps it straight. This layer also seals the board for moisture protection. This layer is often a built-in substitute for underlayment.
  2. A high-density core layer that makes up the bulk of the laminate product. This layer is what gives laminate its strength and stability.
  3. A decorative layer featuring a high-quality, photorealistic printed design. This can technically be anything, but typically features an image of traditional natural flooring materials such as hardwood, stone or ceramic tile.
  4. A top wear layer that gives each plank a luster and protection from wear, scratches, UV light and stains.


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Laminate VS Hardwood
Laminate Styles

Flooring brands we love

Choose from all of these great brands when you shop with us at 2nd Street Floors!

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